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Wednesday, June 2, 2010
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Every morning, two highways that I always use....Jam all the way to my office...
Everyday being stuck in the jam really frustrated or some what, you have to get use to this (sick) life.
That's why, every Sunday night, I'll just shout (softly/merajuk) at my boyfriend that :"ahh, tomorrow working already..." and he is always the one asking me: " your job very stress meh?" I : "no ah..just sick of those traffic jams, and just let me release my unreasonable screaming of every working people could yell. hehe~ pls ignore me when i scream this." well, as part of the society, at least, this is the very minor thing to scream about (indirectly mean .. I have no work stressed. I know...scream also to mean that I'm so bored at working) what I don't know is that, he really did listen to everything I said from last time till now. He, some time will remind me of screaming " tomorrow is working day ah~" on Sunday, as part of his JOB to listen at my scream. hahaha~ dear, you will know when u working in KL in the future. I think he would prefer work in Cyberjaya, where the place is impossible to JAM.(my work load is alway's come in a sudden and go off very quickly if I finished it quick)

I hate jam as in....those insane drivers...horrible, terrible and vegetable! They cut my lane without giving signal (sometimes I'll just don't let this rude driver over my lane), or, they will just headed out suddenly on my lane, make me somehow scare to death of nearly 1mm to kiss (collide) their car! well, who scare who? Kancil driver always the one who dare =.=""

and please, take your car to service! I wanna curse those who have no third light break! some cars don't even have all the break lights, come on, how would I suppose to know when you break? don't let me kiss your car and blame me to responsible all. Worse come to worst! some cars have all the break lights, is shock hell out, cause their 3 break lights is ON all the while that car is moving. Yes, they are all on. =.= how the hell i will know when is your real break this god!

Thanks to Malaysia traffic jam... My driving patience skill had increase ..I need the power of sixth sense.

...I love peace ...
This morning, I trying to lighten up myself with a lovely morning..
I can see reddish egg yolk - sun rise from my kitchen's window (i'm living in condo)
I wish that today have no jam at all (I know is impossible), I already saw some highways jam trough my kitchen's window.

While driving in Old Klang road, sun shined trough driver side's window... it did effect little of my sight, I barely see my right side as the sun light keep 'poking' my eyes. I did not wear sun glases when I'm wearing my spec. They said morning sun is friendly! (I don't think so, cause the earth is polluted)...

while traffic jam-ing, I can see very clearly the driver in front and also behind of me. I spotted the driver in front of me keep noticing me (or maybe, my car?). I only can see his eyes from the reflection of center mirror. While i can see the whole face for the driver behind me. I was building castle in the air that time but everytime I move my car a bit to front, I catched his eye viewing the center mirror of his. Okay, let me explain, is not that I wan't to catch his eyes, is just that I have to alway view the front car while driving, right? If not, how can i drive while looking side way?

I listen to One FM everytime driving to work, some jokes of the DJ, really wanna make me laugh. YES, laughing alone in the car sound insane to everyone (sometimes I do sing alone with the songs, ppl may thought I talking alone in car.pathetic! I have to manner myself when in traffic jam too!)....but I couldn't control! Little curve up my lips edge that's how I can control from big laugh (still looking in front of my windscreen). Then, I notice the guy in front of me is eyeing at me. do he think that I'm smilling to greet at him? I comfort myself that I think too much (what the hell I can do in the traffic jam besides starring in front?). Just as I give up this thought, I notice his eyes smilling at me (o_O) can u tells some one is smilling at you by looking only a pair of eyes? or maybe he is oso listening to the same FM radio, and smilling coinccidentally viewing the reflecting mirror of his car. whoalla... that explains~

Well then, after turning into another side of highway, we both 'loose contact'. wahahhaha~ interesting story? and when the sun shines trough my back window, I can't notice what my front/back driver is doing anymore.

As lesson from this, don't dig your nose, yawn with your big mouth wide open or sneezing without covering your mouth or drink too much water while in the traffic jam. So, what can you do in traffic Jam?

There are 10 things you can do! Click here.

Have a nice jam!

p.s. I was late when I reached office. sigh~ in return to yesterday's OT. wahahhaa~





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