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Wednesday, July 7, 2010
**not to show off **
I received World Vision's letter when I reached home
and I know is from my 'daughter'
quickly opened up
is her Annual Progress Report!
Here is her recent photo
with a barbie...
I wonder issit hers or just for posting >.<
I hope it is hers =P
Then her drawing for me..
I dono what she drew
But I saw a LOVE shape draw so nicely
maybe people guide her to.
She still small and not yet schooling
I saw the report wrote she is quiet.
her health is good
Hope she is well there =)
I would encourage more ppl who affordable
Adopt a child. Just RM50 per month
I'll sacrifices my monthly RM50 for her
sacrifices any RM50 dress or cosmetics (LOLZ, macam so proud like tat =.=)
  adopt a child here:
Easy hair make~

1) put on your hair band first
2) took a small bunch of hair on top, and comb from out to inside
3) twist the hair downwards, try to drag the forward a little to make it puffy
4)just pin it up, and you are done!
**ps: esp for julee who going to attend her dinner on tis weekend =)

photoshop again~
(i know is boring haha..)
I din learn quite many effect
I not that pro yet.
Even color! 
Sometime i put my blush too red (>.<)
I still need to play more on colors
and what miao asked like: Noise or wat wat... I also dono..
I just play with make up and hair change color only..

and today i just edit the picture into drawing 
Left: Original; Centre: edit wif brightness, contrast, and blush; Right: I edit with Dry Brush effect.

left: not original, i deleted the original. edited with brightness, color and blush
Right: edit with sketch... it make my eyes look bigger..wakaka~


pretty miao at: July 7, 2010 at 8:31 PM said...

oi the last pic cannot lar..although your eye bigger..but scare me leh hahaha..bila wanna teach me how to put on blush?? ahhh this comin sunday !!!

{ Blur Pei } at: July 8, 2010 at 7:46 AM said...

tis comin sunday cm don hav PS oso... unless u bring laptop..




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