Equally treated~

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
It has been a long time that I did not shop with my mum
Since, I start working, and dating
I feel like I'm not a filial daughter at all
I know i hardly accompany my parent nowadays
Just everyday eat with them after work,
Did not have a tour out with them
Last Sunday was a differ one
YC and I planned for a movie last Sunday
If only after her work at 5pm
Therefore I planned to go shopping before meet YC
She was around Bukit Bintang

I asked my mum along if she want to shop at LOT10 or Sg Wang or Pavilion with me
(Plus my dad is having seminar the whole day,she will be very boring alone)
She hesitated at first
She seems tired to walk the whole day there =P
And she agreed on the day 
I'm so happy, but i afraid she will be boring
cause Sg Wang clothes is more to young ones. >.<"
(apply same to me, haha!)

But because I going for a movie at night,
she planned everything tat she will called dad to fetch her for dinner
how sweet my mum is =D
in this case, I don't want be the light bulb with them

This is how I look on the day~
My mama don't encourage me attach eyelashes >.<
I started to take attention on my hair
I begin with little trick which is easy
but still, I take a lot of time to do >.<"
I need practice!

This is my first time drive to LOT 10
I hardly drive to Bukit Bintang Area
Unless ppl guide me
or I take LRT last time when I was young
(sound tat i very old like tat hor?)
Bukit Bintang is hardly my favorite place to drive
because very JAM
I only know how to go Time Square the most
and Parking there is very Expensive!
I wonder why so many ppl like to go there...
Then I heard YC said parking in LOT 10 is RM7 whole day on weekend
so why miss it?
(after that only know Starhill parking only RM5 =.=)
Luckily I google map before I drive
then I successfully drove there without get lost!

We saw this cafe just after we walked in Lot 10
OMG, you can sleep there too!
this is Jakie Chan's Cafe...
I have to try one day!

So erm, mum and I went to lunch @ LG Food Court
then we headed to Sg Wang
(I know the way better if I'm walking than driving)
We shop for so long...till nearby 5pm,
YC informed me that she finished work
So I walked with my mum back to Lot 10 again
coz papa going to fetch her there

After that I walk to Pavilion to meet YC
She said she wait me at water'fall'
LOL, is water fountain, she smsed me wrongly.
After some shopping in Pavilion
YC intro me a nice budget food in Food Court Pavilion!
U got to try this!
is @ Thye Hong

Their famous fried prawn noodle (left) and YC's Fried Carrot Cake (right)
The Fried Prawn noodle is special! with a little bit of soup and Laksa type noodle
Soft and 'springy', added with lime juice~ u feel so freshly taste! a little sour touch ur appetite~

YC's Fried Carrot is actually 'Char Kuey kak', a little bit of over fried, tat's y her food a bit dark, but when you bite it, esp the egg covered on top, is a bit crispy fried! OMG, kinda hungry d now. =.="
Here is the little thing we bought in Forever 21. Is really in good bargain!
I found this Bangle (right) for only RM5 (NP:RM29)
Because it has a little scratch, so they sell it cheap. For me, it is nothing at all.
Then the 3 pairs of hair clips, is RM15. YC and I share one side each.

We watched 'The back up plan'
I know this movie already showed some time ago...
But I still want to see it.
It's a good movie!!!
no regret! hahaa~

We took a nice walk back to lot 10
nice ambiance environment around Bintang walk
I hardly walk there, and thus, it attract me to slow down my walk to Lot 10
I wanna capture the moment =)
I started to learn 'appreciate' everything & everyone I see.

and this Nasional Geographic promotion with a lot of Frame and back drops
I drag YC along to get some funny pictures!

YC kissed camel!
do we looks like an Egyptian girls??
act cool, i dono why YC wanna 'cekik' the trunk
Sejuknya (so cold) ~~~~

That's all my day. I equally treated both friend and parent.


miao at: July 6, 2010 at 8:51 PM said...

nice hairstyle :) another you liao..try to make more changes on your hair..oh n your diy hair treatment seem working..your hair look so smooth can go advertise shampoo jo

{ Blur Pei } at: July 7, 2010 at 9:35 AM said...

miao, in photo cannot see clearly, my hair still quite rough ler..
i think at least need 1 month 30days DIY treatment only can save my hair back.




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