Grateful day~

Thursday, July 8, 2010
This is my 1st visit to cineplex e@Curve!
This is also my friend's 1st time viewing Premiere Screening
How I get this opportunity?
Thanks to Nicole! She won the ticket from nuffnang, but she gave them to me..
so touching T.T..
I think no girls will reject The Twilight Saga 3rd episode.
How could you missed the 2 handsome men in the movie?

We collected the ticket quite early. We got pretty good seats and we get 'I love Nuffnang' broach.

The movie wasn't that interesting compare to first two episodes. Fighting scene is only 15-20mins... and kissing parts is even more. Bella still caught between 2 choices,she still haven't change to vampire. But, she surely have 'something' for Jacob (the muscle man!). She still love Edward, he proposed!She agreed!(like I'm telling u the ending already) I wonder if they really continue the 4th episode, because Bella still not yet transform. There are some funny part, one of the parts I like is when Bella & Edward hide (from enemy) into camp on top of a mountain when storm arrived. Cold blooded Edward could not do anything when Bella freezing herself laying on floor. Edward feel so sad seeing his gf so suffered. That is when Jacob (very hot blooded) came in the camp, without his shirt on in the middle of storm!! this Jacob wanna help Bella preventing from freezing (his thought is to hug her,the only way,right?). Edward stopped him (he can read Jacob's thoughts), then here is when Jacob said: At least I'm "hotter"?!
The way Jacob sound "hotter" does really has two meaning. I guess u already get it. hahaha.. Edward couldn't see Bella suffered, so the only way is to let Jacob hug her, to warm her up. Poor Edward, seeing her gf being hugged in front of him. Any bf can allow? then this naughty Jacob talk again: It is even faster to warm up without clothing (*not remember exactly the sentences, but the meaning is there*)

Overall I enjoy the movie... for watching all 'leng chai' hahaha!
Before movie, we went to Sakae Sushi....
The Unagi~
T: Fishy roll, B: shashimi Salmon
Mochi with 3 flavors. Green: Green tea, Red: Red bean, Yellow: Peanuts.
Soft Crab!

another soft crap~
salmon with fishy eggs rolls
Prawn Tempura
Fried rice crackers with prawn and rice inside. kinda spicy.

ps: thanks to YC who treat me this. is not cheap u know?

Enjoying day! but also tired. By the time i reached home is already 12.30am. >.<"
Then stupid world cup on the middle of the night, people in mamak stall shouted so many "GOAL", when i woke up today, see the news, is only 1 GOAL! then why they shouted so many times????!!!  (FYI, I can hear ppl shout from the mamak near to my Condo).

OK, I accept ppl shout, you cant control, I understand, but don use the annoying 'instrument', blow some ANNOYING and IRRITATING noise! Got to think for others you know? People also need to work the next day, not like you won't but you yourself sacrifices for Football, but not everyone do! Hmpf!! I really... can't sleep the whole night until 5am.. I could not sleep anymore. =.="





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