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Sunday, April 24, 2011
I thought having a birthday on weekdays could be a very ordinary-non celebration day
However, things started to change when i received many birthday wishes in my fb
esp he made a video for me. I'm kinda touch...*sobs*
I felt very grateful although facebook did mark down everyone's incoming birthday
  when i first stepped inside the office, I received everyone's wishes.
Had a lunch at kenny rodger with big bunch of colleagues

after work, rushing back home, and went dinner with friends 
where they purposely organized.
Amazingly, they planed to somewhere I wishes to go.
Louisiana restaurant, located at plaza Kelana Jaya
is a lakeside restaurant

lovely environment
too bad cant see clearly the lake as it is too dark.


cake they bought for me.. small little one
shrimp spaghetti ! it is yummy delicious
chiken chop

stolen miao's glass'less spec
I always wondering why ppl like to wear spec without glass...
what is so nice about it being a nerd?
sorry I could not understand cause I have to wear spec due to my eye short sighted.
what about wearing lens + spec x glass? sound funny.
But I still like to play with it. hehe
school buddy~
from left top clock wise: miao,WC,CM and me
thank them so much for organized this
thanks for your efforts
It's really embarrassed as they request the waiters to sing for me
with guitar and one candle on it.
so pai seh nya!
then they also gave me chicken essence 
as what I wrote on my previous blog, they did made it happens
a small dinner with my requested present =)

next round~
Opera , it is ladies night
thanks to them as they treat me this 2 bottles of vodka
the gals~
and.. I was totally drunk and thrown up..
thanks to them for making me so miserably looking-night
It was my 1st drunkest night.. believe me, it doesn't feels good!
I hate drunk.
then y drink? Cause I too "up-look" my limit.
and I forget vodka did have 40% alcohol.
the chicken essence do help me boost up the next day *burp*
hang over morning...=.=" really killing me.
damn, i started to admit I'm old.

oh ya, thanks to lovely christy, she did bought me starbucks voucher!!
i'll have a nice cup of brewed coffee every morning!
lap u o~

oh yea, and this small little cute hot pads container
actually I don't know wat it's called in english
but this is a thing that used to warm ourselves when we are in winter/period in long ago time.
well nowadays the pad are more smaller and cute looking!!
as though malaysia do not have winter,
it's nice to use it when period time!
thanks to miao miao...
very cute, i like it so much.
sorry to tel u, I have no period pain.
but i think it is useful in office while the air-cond there seems like open to the fullest power ever!

the stopper above.
Once again... thanks to all of u


{ cklim } at: April 24, 2011 at 2:52 PM said...

happy birthday, kopi :)

{ Rum Tum Cat } at: April 25, 2011 at 8:44 AM said...

heee glad u have a nice + drunken birthday =)) ooo the pressie i bought to wrong said she want it :P




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