some where happenings in my weekend

Monday, August 8, 2011
It's friday night!
Having some sushi with colleagues
Theresa and moni, somehow 'attached'

Saturday turn out to be half family day
visited cute Amanda and her sister, Megan
cool spec!
she dono how to do 'peace' sign
megan is 2 months old

evening have a night out with Yean Cheen
we plan this quite last minutes
we went to Pavillion, bought somethings and eat Snowflake
then we went to foot massage at bout 11.15pm due to stupid jam
some thing happened where by some government people come to check on the shop
I don't know what happen, luckily I'm not end up in the locked up for my 1st time foot massage
one of the person in charged is being taken to the police station, OMG!
still I'm continuing on my foot massage feeling a little bit awkward

then we headed to Over Time for One pint Starker only.
coz is expensive and also ... too late already
while driving back, my dear friends who wanted to escort me back by following at the back of my car
had been blocked by road blocked!!
I'm lucky enough for not getting into this, thanks to non-red-face-alcoholic-me
sad case my friend.... their face turn red when drinking, even only one cup.
what a night out, got to meet unexpected people out there
i shall not go out late night on this time, ya know, is chinese lunar 7th month and is Ramadan puasa...

next morning for Dating
some tea
taken my huge spec and he tried on it
not bad, right?
the dog wanna try too.. lolz
cute? i mean the dog
gosh, i got tall forehead! 
that is me with my new spec.
where i left RM130 entitlement for optical
why waste it, I get myself another one, of cause with my power on
so i don't have to rely on lens more.

*a little thoughts for you *
it is such an happy and unhappy date that happened
I never got to react and also suppressing my feelings towards upsets
i hope he understand what am i upset about and is not about what I don get it, 
is that I upset that you should have known there is no benefit for yourself
i understand you should have your freedom and entertainment
however there is always a limit upon your ability
if i had ever look down on you, i wouldn't have follow you walk that far
have faith in yourself
don't always look backwards nor too far ahead, but present, which what you have now. 
I hopes you understand
something I bought for myself during weekend
Minimo X digital lomo still is my 1st choice
just that I temporary give up and I'll bought Minimo X some day!!!
for what I can afford now, I bought this wide lens (Super head lomo)

 it is using 35mm films
"don't think, just shoot"
still I have to think think, hahaha
i'll get good use of this.
*holds back my emo*
my lomo journey begins here =)





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