with Him after 3 months

Monday, November 25, 2013
Yes! is Us~ Finally could meet him after 3 long months of loneliness. Missed him so so so much.  We decided to get ourselves a 2Days trip. I could only met him like few days only, he just flew off again today. :(

Okaylah, don't talk about sadness, talk about happiness. The day we spent together is sweetly carried out.
We love this picture a lot and now is our screen locked papers on both of our smart phones.
well, I came out with this idea a night before we travelled. This will be our one year screen lock paper again.

we set and went to Tambun Ipoh. The lost world. 
As we wanted so much to get lost from our real life. just temporary.
I would not miss a chance to take picture with him

we did not went into the theme park, but hot springs!
Our hotel booking came with free entrance for hotsprings (worth RM20) 

Before got into the water, we had a good steamboat dinner!
Which just walking distance from hotspring. they had good services!!
And the prawn is so so so fresh!
because they catch and immediately put into steamboat wan. (Cruel but I ate it after i felt sorry for them) 
Because they served us, he got a chance to peel all the shells for me!!
I still remembered, his kindness and gentleman-ness had won my heart. Until today, he is still doing it. 
(besides peeling the shells, pulling chairs..etc)
love him so much.
is crabs~
Too bad we did not bring phone into the hotsprings...did not took any picture yet.
so after the hotsprings and bath, we got a mid night chilled at the bar nearby.
That is our day 1. ended so quickly.

Day 2 for the breakfast.
then we checked out 
went to Ipoh Fok Shan to try out the best dim sum they recommend.
The taste is not really what we expected. 
We just ate a few things then we go back
steam egg with milk~
below is 'sampan' porridge. (ting zai zhuk)
I thought the day will ended like this. However he mentioned that he want to go hang out around our new home (still building in progress), and also went to have some 'tong shui'.
He also mentioned he can't wait this home to fully finished. I never thought he would say like that.
I always expected he is some one who wants freedom of all.  I guess time do changed someone. 
I said: so do I. =)

the next day in KL, we got ourselves movie marathon!
The Thor & Hunger games (catching fire).
we are like 3 months not having movie together. Not too good was the 2 movies have no ending.
I guess episode 3 is coming soon.
He tolerate all my favourite meals that day.
watching me ate sashimi with enjoy face!
and dinner with my favourite western chicken chop.
I took again our feet picture. This shows the end of the day we met. 
Hope to see you again soon.

bye bye~





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