Make the change!

Friday, November 21, 2014
Instead of complaining how hard is your life, how miserable your boss treats you, how you done so much but no one appreciates you or how unhappy it is when people think of you not kind of the person you think...

I try to make the change. This is only the way I learn few months back.... when actually November is quite a hectic month for me. I mean mentally!  I had changed my position again to higher expect. Of course higher expectations. I need to cope with my boss (altou same boss I facing last time but is differ level of angle ald) & I have a bunch of team (Which I'm still not sure how is the handling). I need to get use when big big boss come and ask me some questions which I tends to ... dono what to ans. (How bad am I) & arrange with the team. (Well I usually not yet deal. cause major of them still go on to ask another lead)

Still when I'm back home, I do not want to spoil my own mood. I stay put happily with my friends/family & love one.

I tends to feel that eating alone is pathetic, but somehow I felt it is no problem at all.
I would feel embarrassed if I shopped alone when I'm young, but now I felt it is freedom.
I feel mum's nagging was a frustration, nowadays i understand it is a sign of worries.
I felt lonely when people don't talk to me, now I feel that it is a relaxing time too (Of coz talking is still a must for me)
etc etc..
When you change the perspective of thinking, you will feel it is alright

Besides the changes of myself at work, but also some of my personal life:
My insurance coverage...
My Brother sickness..
My parent's sadness against my brother..
My newly empty house
My lovely wedding
My cost of life

Everything seems coming to me... however I don't feel it is a stress for me. I feel it is a chance of growth in me that how i can overcome all. It might sound nothing to you, but it mean a lot to me. It makes me appreciate everything around me. When you step in different positions, it slowly show the road on what should I do.

love him


His friend's wedding

love to get together and celebrate occasions with him 

his best friends of life :)

Ice cream ~~
Annual dinner 2014
I did not bought anything for this annual dinner. Dress is from a friend.... how to tie is show in Utube. lolz
Make up and hairdo myself
My friend's eyes is done by me. I'm so proud!
driving in the middle of jam

Picture with the big big boss in the middle. (Amit)

Nee Nee, know her for only 3 months but I like her.
In short... I LOVE MY LIFE!





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