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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
the 'cake' for myself

mix match with kw's pressie, nice??Mum said very sui ooo(not me, is the accesorries )

Majorlica from bro!! Very unexpected. He pass to me when he goin to work on the morning. when he pass to me, I was like "huh, i got present wor"(from heart), when i opened it, bro edi went out work. wah, is marjolica, which I did show this website for him before, said tat i wan tis cosmetics, but did not specifically show him what I wanted. I did not expect he will buy present.if He did, I din expect is what I wanted(the brand). Is ok that those are not really I wanted, but i feel happy:) He then tell me so expensive...I said give one enough mer...He: coz last year din give u anything mer...okla, I accepted!lol! after all, helping him to wash dishes is worth it... but please no next time!

price tag is still there...

white shimer cream eye shadow...

Took when in Dragon I restaurant. I just found out, we, the whole family wearing the tissot watches! We are Tissot family supporters. **show off** XD

My birthday dinner dish. RM 1 Chicken!! size is like as long as my hand...wider a bit. small chic..taste? not bad.

My dearest papa mama in The Garden

Papa acting cool...~
Presents that I get :
1)Ang Pow from uncle aunty
2) Ang pow from Mama
3) BB cream from YC
4) earings and lip gloss from cousins
5) Majolica-majorca shimmer eye shadows n lip gloss from Bro
6) clothes and charger from Miao(the charger cannot plug into my phone! lol)
7)I got one cake soft toy,a solar decorator and a 'biscuit' mirror from ks
8)Majolica-majorca 4 pellete 3D eyeshadows from mimi,candy n cui cui.
shd be all d ah for today.
Thank you all for the wishes!!
Thank you for posting my birthday on ur blog!!
Mua love u all!
For past 4 yrs (had been exam exam exam during my birthday)..this should be the most relaxing and Happy Birthday. 23yrs of living is better than 21 yrs of


{ Chloe *MiaoMiao* } at: April 22, 2009 at 9:45 AM said...

wei lovely shirt the pinky one nice !! where u buy it !! n i *heart* your accessories that kw bought for u ..ahahaha u knew me i love bulky bulky Indiana accessories =p
eh u got many pressie also ma..

n n the dragon i RM1 chicken is real ?? got any T&C ??

{ Joanne } at: April 22, 2009 at 10:16 AM said...

haha, ya wor..u like bulky dono how much he bought in Swk. I think not cheap. Mum said she cant find any so nice one like mine. hehe

pinky shirt i buy during CNY at Amour bhind OUG plaza there.

the chick of coz real. T & C is..only can order if 3 ppl above.

{ Chloe *MiaoMiao* } at: April 22, 2009 at 10:44 AM said...

wan 3 ppl above ar..i wan go eat lar..bila we go eat ?? ask mh also lar

{ Joanne } at: April 22, 2009 at 10:46 AM said...

6-9pm only wor....




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