A crazy night!

Sunday, April 19, 2009
Just discuss wit miao, wanna cut the hair like hers..Hayden Panettiere..

Miao's pressie. Thank you!! I just cant expected u give me a charger too. I was about to ask from u to get from your friends. thank you!!!

This is the Present I get from My eldest cousin sis. love them! ^^(Voir **bling bling**earings and Estee Lauder lip gloss)

bookmarks from Lisa(second cousin sis, Hong Kong souvineer) with our (bro n I) name on it. cute!

Messy table when we (miao n I) wanna fasten things up. still we r not the late one while meeting up! yeah....really hard to put on the eyelashes.@.@

Gosh...I really touches her lips!!! actually we are damn concious on this act. Not yet even drink yet! don worry, kw n zn were there too...but we seems like don care bout them!! hahaha, miao, I love u! How do we have the courage on doing this?(there will be more photos soon)

A present from kw when he went to a conference at Sarawak. mua like them!this is how they look like when I wear them. (dear said is souvineer, not my bday present, yay!)

there are total of 4 items!! thank you dear!

Papa mama not at home day 3:

When i came back home, the clothes is still there(fri I kept the clothes, cant manage to fold them, so I sms bro to help me up). Is better than what I expected...they are folded ......half way and they are still on sofa! Bro din complete at all!!and today is SUN already! I smell something when I walk to the kitchen. the dustbin is fulled, but the smell is not from there. then I saw dirty bowl and plates on the basin, tat's ok....then I saw, pots and pans are on the stove!!! I noticed there were some splited tomato sauce on the stove which is dried. eewwww!! what did my bro cooked???? fine, I washed them up. still I can smell the weird and not so 'friendly' smell. then I found out the smell is from our kitchen's small dustbin near the basin. when I opened up the cover, there are egg's shell (izzit call egg shell?? don care...u know what i mean)and some 'maggie mee'. How long he'd cooked and din clean up?? luckily no worms!

Don care, I quickly sweep the floor, mopped, bath, wash toilet, turn on the washing machine and then fold the clothes, hang up the washed clothes from washing machine and also updating tis blog. the smell gone! Then, Bro sms me. said that he will be late back home and singing K! I just replied "Next time u don't ever to cooked when mum is not around!" damn he! He called back, laughing....=.=" feel like wanna **slap slap***, I asked him "u cant just throw rubbish? I don mind if u don wash. when u cooked? and what U'd cooked??" He said he cooked on Sat, red bean...(shd be breakfast.) I was like... my bro....is a lazy bump bump. I tot i was the most lazy one... he is lazy, snor....and...sigh...hopes he get a gf fast... and...pity his future gf/wife.


{ Mademoiselle Miao } at: April 20, 2009 at 9:55 AM said...

hahahaaa ur bro so evil lar..so jahat ..fold half way then nvm..then go "menghuru-harakan" the kitchen LOL. luckily mum not back yet or else u two .... haha

wah KW so good neh buy u so many things ~

{ Joanne } at: April 20, 2009 at 10:44 AM said...

yalo...$%#@ punya bro...

yup...it has been long time since i din receive his pressie...1yr...mayb? ^^




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