Hello & Bye Sunday

Monday, May 10, 2010
It's suppose to be Mother's day...
And I left my mum at home
How filial am i...

For my Future brightness,
Friends and I went to career fair...
One of my friend have to bring her brother along
As no one at home to babysit him
her little cute brother cannot went in the fair...
So we like plan to 'toss' him to petrosciences
But we scare him get lost...
So we loitering in KLCC for 2 hours to wait her another brother fetch the little one
Inside career fair...
All computerised
We are requested to register and then we have a bar code
Our resume was all in the bar code
Not a lot of companies tho, but most are big companies
we went for some work agencies and have an interview
I have not much choice.
No lab job...just Eu Yang Sang...
where I'd interview and failed once :(
Should I take another qualifications then?
such as Accounts and Admin or secretary?????
With disappointment,
CM introduce us a Korean restaurant in Amcorp mall
which is affordable and nice.
Too bad, it opened at 6pm, and we already starving at 4pm
Great, we walk arround Amcorp Mall till 6pm
Then here we ordered..

My BBQ chicken set RM13.9 (if not mistaken)
Gcm's beef soup set.

wc's friend chicken set.

When heading home, I realised I have to change my road tax
>.< " this month spending is over
no saving this month.. sad!





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