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Monday, June 7, 2010
Over the conversation with my friend "TPR" via MSN.... she is also under the same condition as me...
She studied Chemistry and currently working as Admin, therefore we understand each others situation while others don't. Perhaps you can say, we are fussy, but we just want what we are happy for future.

I have one cousin who got master in chemistry end up working in night market with his dad. I somehow understand his situation. Everyone sure think he is stupid, why waste such time while chemists ares being hired everywhere! High market demand! Why he doing this?

Everyone deserve respect, respect in or on his own will. No reason, no excuses, is just what he want/think he's happy in this way. Why am I still stuck in this admin line? I am so frustrated to tell all the interviewers the reason behind. So do now, here. I feel so disappointed...

Why I did not move on to own field? Some how my requirements did not meet theirs, and they offer low salary but i need to relocate...I cant relocate myself if the salary cant even support myself to live outside. What is my main constrain?(my Uni friend want me to decide a way,so that I won't lost like now.) I force myself thinking, and I end up having emo and headache. Type of job, location and salary always related to each other.
...Lab Job, low salary, need to relocate (no way...)
...admin/ accountants, pay still ok, location KL, no need relocate (I can consider,but no interest and i won't able to turn back into lab job)
...Lab job, low salary,within KL (i still can consider).

TPR and me sometimes feel depress. Depress on how others think of us, and how we think of ourselves being work as Admin while wasting our cert this way. I asked if she want to continue this for the rest of her life. she is uncertain...just like me.  Very funny, whole thing just repeating and I still did not make the change. I make the moves...still need to wait...I face it already, just feel like avoid everything once again!

When my boss lady ask me to write a manual of admin's job, I think is more than I could describe there. From A-Z, from a paper to which file, from switch on a photocopy machine to switched off, from Issue out a payment to record and send out, from changing light bulb too (i guess)...etc... I can write into thick book! I'm also helping another start up company for admin while I deserved this same pay,no bonus, no increment. Sad issn't it? Shall I ask for more while everyday, everyone can just tell, nah lah...what are you doing in office everyday? just blog, msn & facebook only.
I know I shouldn't ask for more....

I always motivate myself: Do more, learn more.
I hate in this company is that I have no colleagues... 


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: June 7, 2010 at 8:51 PM said...

darling don compare like this...
my advise to you is..follow your heart..just do what you like it.. if you have no financial prob better go for lab job (:





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