School Holidays

Friday, June 11, 2010
I was observing ... since school holidays started last Saturday~

For me, live in a growing family like no one is schooling anymore, have nothing much to envy those students.
except, they have privalage to...get more student price for movie/sing K/eat... they can wake up late the next day~ not to worry bout expenses~

The only things I like about school Holidays now are:
1) no traffic jam! YAY~
2) bosses will come late every morning =D
3) Sales is on~

The things I don't like bout school Holidays:
1) every vacation is fully booked
2) Triple charge for hotel booking
3) Shopping complex and cinema all packed!!!
4) cannot go anywhere esp during weekends
5) you can see kids ard everywhere, jump here and there, crying loudly, misbehave ...etc
6) Internet line down

Oh well... I guess that's all
And Football World Cup is tonight!!!
(well, I'm not going to watch it.. not interested, hehehe)





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