I'm going to happy back or Not..

Thursday, September 23, 2010
I'll telling you what is happenned to me few days back.. later, not this post.
I wasn't that happy when receiving a so called 'bad' news.  However is not that 'bad' as in I just cannot accept or did not expected.  Perhaps I expected too much that when things happened to be not something I want, I get emo.  You can call me a spoilt child! bleh.  (what my bf always tell me that, this is one of my bad habit).  That's why, mum always said I am so STUBBORN, cause I always do the way I wanted only. Typical Taurus, hehe.

As far as I concern.. I tried to comfort myself and accept in the worse situation. I still hope, a little, of course. At this stage, I'll think of the worst situation that other people are having, then I can feel myself how lucky I am. OMG, I'm so devil, think others bad things only.  Well, I am having a fine mood now, because yesterday, the Bad news changed into Good news =) yippie!!

However, I'll still having a quite busy day. Nevermind, I'll be free soon.





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