Bowl Bowling

Saturday, October 23, 2010
My new company organised a Holloween Bowling tournament Yesterday
I wasn't participating at first, because I just join the company.
Well, on the day before, my team leader just realised she cannot make it,
So I replace her.

here you go, we at Mid Valley bowling center.
Meet all my new colleagues~
Christy and Canny, all new joiners~
Know them during Orientation.
Christy is also working in the same department as I am.
Her cold jokes is 2 times as me..
we gals and one guy
White cutie gal is Ping Ping
The guy- big cutie, Xavier
Another guy.. Naclos.
we are all new joiners =D
so long, I'm consider the oldest among them =(
is really great to meet them
My team mates at the tournament
and also consider all my seniors in my department
From Left: Ai Ping, Hsiao Yin, Mei Yun & Cynthia.
they are all friendly ~
one more guy in this game who is the rose among the torns in our dept...
not show here.
catch Cynthia bowling
Some dress in costume.
coz there is costume competition too.
met the witch.. Jessica who just beside our team..
Met the edward's family.. LOL
scary hor?

will, each ppl play 2 games..
First game.. I just clean the drain..
Second game I'm better d. hehe.. FUn ~
I'm Happy, because...
FINALLY I have colleagues..over1+yrs


miao at: October 23, 2010 at 8:42 PM said...

congrat congrat!! finally u have colleaguessssssssss hehe




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