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Thursday, October 8, 2009
I start of with my cute little niece

Amanda~ with her hanky on her head

she still dono how to remove the hanky

biting her own fingers

She started know how to scream lately!
Updated from her Ee Ee~


Okie, here!

Spot the difference btw this 2 spec!

Frame: RM 398, get student price : RM 200
Lens: RM120

Why I get student price??
I do not mention I am Working, But she herself tell that I am a student,
So...Why deny? I am a student Before! heheheh!

Lets end here with Amanda stressed out video

You can notice she scream a lot! and also, she is learning how to remove things. She is going to be a left-hander! Proud to say, She is a future genius. hehehe...I miss her already!



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