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Monday, November 30, 2009

After lunched at home, I went out to buy Singapore Bus tickets
Yes, I'm going to S'pore with bestie!!!!

I said I'll be back there~

And now had bought the tickets, and after passport applications, Is all sets!
Arghhhhh I'm going to spend a lot, even just planning over Sentosa and Night Safari
and also the currency of RM to SGD.

Who can sponsor me some?
We save on accommodations.
Thanks to Yc's cousin
So, we will heading to S'pore on 17 Dec, night bus.

I cant wait anymore!
Then, We went to Pearl Point to look for books and Parkson to eat.

We met Chi Hsiang.. talk a little while

Knowing he's now working in IBM. So far so good.



Early in the morning, Miao and I had Rebonding appointment at 7am!

Damn early that I had to wake up at 6am! (earlier than my working day)

We went to a house at puchong there

ya, Private small business.

We done our hair at 10.30am and had our breakfast at Old Town.

Then at night, We went to Shabu shabu at Kuchai Lama there

Is Buffet shabu~

Weekend is RM31.80 per person
Then we went to Sky Bar~

After hours of searching

Finally we reached there at 10.30pm.

We got our Standing Table...

Mie received our present

Guess what's inside?
**sexy leopard print lingerie**

Having fun there~
(from left: Ice, Poh Lin, Mie, Me & Miao)

And we had our sofa Seats after a while
We saw an uncle spiderman jump into the pool!!!

Actually I dono How old is he, and he wrap all his face n body, with his big tummy as well.

I think he's a bit 'high'

I cant see what he is doing inside the pool.

I believe he came out from pool after a while.

Then for the Second time, He jump into the pool again!

This time, with 2 other guy

Competing swimming with 2 young guys.

of coz...the spiderman loose~ haha

I not sure issit entertainment show?!

We went back at 2.30am after that.

I was half dizzy with only 4 cups of vodka mixed with Spritzer

My stomach is full of air!

I only slept for 2 hours.

I guess i'm too hungry.



Woke up at 7.30am..

I got myself prepared and wait for kw to Mid Valley
(I had Forgotten my purse and realised only when in Mid Valley, I was out with no IC & Money)

When we reached Mid Valley, is just 11am

GSC already having long queue...

When we just queuing half way, an announcement made!

Saying 2012 for all the showing time just left front seats!

With a little bit of disappointment, we went for Branch and heading to Cyberjaya.

Due to my tiredness, I cant bare to walk any 1metres more.

Kw the chef!

Look at him..he is so concentrating!

He promised to make me Pork Steak hehe~

He is more expert in Chinese cooking rather than Western

My black pepper pork steak

His Black pepper Chicken steak (he prefer halal)

Altou they doesn't taste like black pepper, It taste sour!

(we bought the wrong sauce)

But I ate it all~

While he don't like sour~

^^...over all I think is ok.

Today he got sick! wish he get well soon!


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: November 30, 2009 at 8:52 PM said...

shud b busy weekend kekekeee
so 'hang fook' cook for u hehehe i also wan`~~~~

{ Blur Pei } at: December 1, 2009 at 9:42 AM said...

ask ur zn cook la~ hahaha




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