Tuesday, November 17, 2009
my net had been running so slow since Sunday.

I can only upload today!

very outdated!!

I really loves weekends, coz i got the chance to make up! hiao hiao lo!
okok, Back to topic,

Last sat night, was having beer night out. (only girls!)

First of all, planing to Solaris.

Manatau Ms Wong Wai Chen got class till 9pm

So we switched place to JayaOne, Kissaten

greeny brown eyeshadow
notice that I apply 1/3 lower eyeliner as well

here are little pics of five gals!
we were siting at roof top of Jaya one.
Was then changes to in door bcoz of drizzling!
nice catching up some updates from them
from the 5gals above, four of them (except me)
are going to Taiwan separately this year end, Next year March and April!
I'm gonna list down my 'wanted to buy item'!
I've been surveying Taiwan book since dono when!
Drooling with their things!


Sunday morning, I online discuss with fussy ex-housemate on today's plan.
She prefer 1U and willing to fetch me from setapak!
So touching!

golden brown eye shadows with blue shine on bottom eye line.
Noticed I curl up the black eyeliner at the end of my eyes
oh...this pic showed i have double eyelids! wakaka
I was wearing nudy Grey, GEO contact lens

Our first plan is Sing K!
My favorite session!
I got to shout out loud in side the room like no body business
and compete with Candy's voice! wakaka
Mi mi is in deed has very soft vocal!
After that we had dinner at Dragon-i
Extremely satisfied!!!

P.S: Got to know that I might have a chance to go Singapore next month! With friend. 2 little gals gonna hop on S'pore and shop to the max! I hope the plan going on well!





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