Balik Kampung CNY feels...

Friday, February 12, 2010
My whole family are Northern side people.
When we are still in Penang, we usually go to 2 states to visit our grandparents and also relatives.
To be honest, we travel more than we visit relatives.

We have to return father's side grandparent wooden house and help them to Spring clean!
I still remember those wooden house in Kampung, which have a well in the middle of the house
everyone using it as water supply, bath, drink, eat.the water is super duper cold!
Then an external small toilet for us to 'pu' into a bucket!
(some people will come and collect the 'pu' everyday)
Imagine there is no light at night in the toilet and when u have 'emergency'!
You need a torch light and a roll of toilet paper.

Then we have our steamboat, using only charcoal that time.
The food is so nice! especially having with whole family.
The next day, all of us dress up new clothes(as red as possible), and wait.
We wait for relatives to come to Grandparent house~
So we actually no need to go anywhere at this point.
We kids just enjoy taking angpow, and also serving the old ones.
Then when everyone is back, we will went cycling along the kampung
like those wild kids, scream here and there~ lol.
oh ya, and we are able to play fire crackers~~~~~~

2nd day, we will travel to Taiping, Mother's side.
this time, we visit other relatives while traveling
Then we met our beloved cousins...
Having fun playing video games (no PS that time)
Wait some relatives to drop by too
the most enjoyable moment is....Home made nyanya cakes!!!!
My grand mama is an expert in baking!
How i wish i have half of grand mama genes.
same do my mother, who like to bake cookies and cup cakes.

Night time is our kid's event
where, my cousin bro will take out a box of fire crackers....
We play till the whole yard with thick smoke.
parent will be siting on the bench, watching us playing, chatting and eating mandarin oranges.

Last few years, we actually have a BBQ sessions!
Loads of relatives came and gather around!

So we reached Home back to Penang and started to count Ang Pows!!

Ever since we move to KL, include father's parent, we have missed the wooden house a lot.

anyway, the KL CNY will reveal soon!
Still we are able to going back to Taiping.
Can't wait to see my cousins and niece!





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