CNY 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Our CNY begin with reunion Dinner

WHich gather with father side Uncle's family

Our steamboat!

Started to eat

Here I change my nail designed again
Taking tis pic while on the way to Taiping

We reached here on the first day of CNY
Me with bro and cousin bro
Dad can't wait to touch this wild pig!
They said u'll win lotery when u touched it!
So there are crowded with people!
This wild pig is i think in charged by Indians
Who believe it bring luck

The Store near Kamunting

Taiping Front door

Picnic yard with bench in our garden

more of like Bonsai tree

Cousins and i went to visit our ex housemate near Taiping.
This is her daughter
Who likes me for the 1st sight!
This (above) is when i ask her to smile...
She dono how to smile =.=

I took this without her notice
Cute leh?

(above) Her sister
BBQ foods
We are helding BBQ sessions

BBQ pit

Flashing fire when finished
Guess what are they doing?

Amanda's mama


line up

My favourite moments of Amanda:

Her favorite act
sitting on massage chair
laugh while standing
U notice her knee protection?cute bo?
Her 1st taste on Mandarin orange
her expressions very cute!
She keep sips her lips
she's so happy!
i love this photo!
Neh u cant catch me!
She spot our camera!
My cousin gave me this coupon in the ang pow!


I got Lancome free make up session and eyebrow trimming Vouchers...
who wan accompany me go?
Thank her very much!!! Love it!

This is rest area @ Tapah
Yest...we had a massive traffic congestion! 
We started jam since Taiping toll to north south highway!
Jam for hours...then smooth a while,
then jam again!
Alternate Jam disaster!
and most of the cars are malays...
sigh...we took 6 hours to reached KL
(can go Terenganu d)
include eat.

really car sick!
I wish i can take private jet back home (dreaming~)





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