01.02.10:Yc's Birthday!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

YC~ my best friend since diploma
I get to know her on Orientation day 2006
Then we become housemate after few semester
we had been in the same group for every semester
I still remember how we accompany each other
memories are still fresh!
study, eat, sleep, traveling, mix with friends,shopping~ except toilet. lol
We are actually from same secondary school when i still in Penang
just that we were in different class.
It's never been to late knowing her.
we share almost everything!
(I have to reveal my ugly pic there. :( )

TOday is a big day for her
therefore don't want to miss the chance celebrating.
I brought her to Padington Pancake house
Her spegatti Pancake
Taste soury crispy with cheese~
yum yum!!

My onion bake pancake!
So huge! size almost like regular pizza hut
We eat until...so full
but very nice!
soft cheesie pankcare with myonese.

Happy Birthday dear~
My inspiration sparks again during work!
one set with previous bracelet and necklace!
perfect for Valentine, right?


{ Carin Loh } at: February 2, 2010 at 5:51 PM said...

er why you email this post for me ar?
btw , i like the earring can u gimme? haha

Anonymous at: February 3, 2010 at 12:58 PM said...

thx for ur celebration ya dear!!!even tough is a simple n small celebration but i enjoy it..i love it so much n fully appreciate our bestie friendship...i love ur gifts too...i wanna go eat pancake again after da 1st visit there~~




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