Corset dress fever!

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Gosh! I am such an efficient blogger~
2 posts in a day! (thick face)
I can't stop wanna share my madness on these dresses.
Last time I am crazy over corset top, now I am over corset dress!

Accidentally, I bought a corset pink dress for my friend's wedding (my blog profile pic)
and I don't actually know it is a corset dress till my friend leave me a comment. =P
why I don't know?
Corset actually consist of a pair of metal lining to support breast, pushing up creating desirable shape. It featuring busk fastening at the front & lacing at the back (now it is opposite, with zips on side and lacing ribbons on front) They are suppose to wear and mold the curvy shape of women hips, waist & bust.

while I can't find all the features of my dress except...lacy ribbon of the front. =.="
It did not curve my waist either.  Instead, I might need an innerwear corset to shape up myself.

here u go ~ the current fashioned corset dress~

Now this I called it corset dress!
I purposely match it with heels and bags~
Do you notice I did not actualy match the same color dress with same color heels/bags?
Instead I mix match heels with bags, or bags with ribbons
or something similar with little tipsy of dress outlines.
So that will make u stand out for the day!





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