Pasar Malam shopping!

Thursday, June 3, 2010
Oh My God! 3rd post in a day~
la la la~ since I'm so free~ I update what am I doing lately
I went to pasar malam OUG today, alone!
(friend having discussion last minutes)
But, I'm so happy to shop alone too!
just that ... very hot walking in pasar malam
Miao said she is a god
cause before I going out from office,
she sms and ask me buy something from pasar malam
I did not tell her that I'm going, but from her sms
she seems knew I'm going.
well, she ask me to help her buy falsies
okie, I bought this (right one) first for myself..cause miao want normal without voluminous one
I walk the whole pasar malam, I cannot find what she require
then I take photo of mine lashes and mms her.
since she said she ok with it, I went to another stall buying the left pic lashes
when I come back and compare both box, I only know one are longer in length.
so i decided to exchange 5 pairs with her =)
FYI, one box, 10pairs is only RM5!
cheap right?
Quality? the lashes is quit soft...but the inner line is a bit hard
However I haven't wear them yet
will review to you all after I wore them ya!

I bought this 4 pairs of plastic earrings
for only RM10!
cute right?
Lately, I'd been learning to use Photoshop CS3 via youtube
I learn the basic make up and changing hair color~
too bad I have black hair, the color changes did not play well.
please comment on my work~
Original (above)

Edited eye liners & blush

left is ori, right edited: hair color,liners & blush~
both edited
Left: Hair color,eye shadow, lashes, lips (i know the hair color too fake for this =P)
right: hair color only
the original~
**next i wanna learn photo effect**
Thanks for comment





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