Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jewelry box, a souvenir from Venice~
Thx to my friend :D

I 'hiao hiao' again, try out my new lashes bought last 2 weeks
it's supper long and voluminous
FYI, i just wear one side, coz the another side went cacat (change in shape)!
wearing nicely to meet bf first then meet my bride to be friend

I took bf to try this Taiwan restaurant in the Garden
I ordered their new menu,BBQ pork set (left)
dear ordered Porked leg set(right)
very nice! but a set is too heavy for girl~

After that we have some walk in Mid Valley
everywhere is packed...
and we walked till we thirsty and choose SWEETCHAT for some drinks
Dear order lime with jelly juice (left)
too sour for him ~.~
I order Fruity jelly(right)
it contains longan, sea coconut and jelly ~
Thanks to dear who willing fetch me to meet friend ^_^

As promised to my dad, we, one family went to Sunway Pyramid to have dinner
we chose CHAO YEN
where Teow Chew food is.
It is located at LG2
Food without MSG~

Before food, we served with these big peanuts
then sour fish~ yam yam
after that i forgot to snap pic, coz, I can't wait to eat anymore.
We have options to choose rice type
I choose this healthy red rice
Which i think....a bit weird taste, but really...healthy.. hahaha!
I have gathering with Ex colleagues
One of them is engaged & going to marriend over to Australia
and we chat about working in ex-company's funny story
is really happy to recall things that are happy
Above is center court of Pavilion
More picture to come :)





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