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Thursday, September 30, 2010
Noted: Notice blogger always use UNIQUE title.. so do I =D

Holidays is really 'busy' for me.
I thought I could finished all my Hard disc movie in one go
at the end.. I can't even finish one series..

Been lazy to write or read blogs lately
Because I wanna get used to my non blogging day soon...
I hope I got the time *fingers cross*

Alright, some of you might need to know what am I doing these days
Bring My bf out to collect his IC
go back and come out buy somethings again
Follow My mum to buy things
take my shoes to repair
go to bank with my mum
Yoga class
dinner out with friends
dinner with parent...

These few things takes me 4 days to finished

Waking up early~ (biological alarmed fault)

I got to eat my favorite XO fish head noodle near my hs
which shop only open on weekdays till evening only
means working ppl can't get to eat there, unless is lunch

these is their cards...

I got to visit my Cousin and her cute daughter

She is all grown up~
Press to watch her CD
My cousee like her to sit on her head =X
very focussss
while she is watching
see her eyelids??
Pai seh-ing
we all loves her....

that's all~

Mua going to Vaseline Party soon! can't wait...


{ melmonica } at: October 1, 2010 at 7:13 PM said...

Ohmygosh she's so adorable! :D




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