Friday, October 8, 2010
Is my mum's dad's death anniversary yesterday
Uncle fetch us back to Taiping.
What if u saw colorful clouds on the way back?
I forgot to put 孙悟空 flying there too =D

I took this picture because I found the clouds so beautifully clump
bubbly bubbly... I start my imagination from what if, each clouds has its own color?
therefore, I edit them.. 
They just looks like those cotton sweets ~

a doggy slipper hang at the back seat of uncle's car.. why so cute?
it actually keep this small remote control of the music player 

Before that, we went to uncle's house where my cute niece staying
The world most youngest car show girl~
*shh... don let my cousin read this...**
and she take the wrong seat...
she is still so energetic and chu bi... 

we start our journey there
Tapah rest area
snacks of the day
new twisties flavor, Balognese & cheese onion..
kinda cheesie and with little sour
overall not bad, coz I ate more than half packet when I realized...
My favorite '4 fruit soup' since small
Loves the jelly and sago with mixture of longan...and nuts~
yum yum!
After held a big clean session in Uncle's house
(my Uncle's house is in Taiping, they currently stay in my cousin house to take care of Amanda)
We went to night market to buy some fruits for my grandpa praying sessions.
I got to eat Grill fish, Char koay teow there too~
Is quite a boring post for today.
Nothing much to tell with all the works I had done. 
spending a night without net really a big problem for me now..





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