My own Night~

Thursday, October 15, 2009
I've been thinking hard of what to do after received the goods
Tried to search for my inspirations...
Surf many many webs and it still do not appear.**mind just so empty**
However I had made something I not really satisfied with.
Especially this bracelet.

Thinking while eating, driving, even in bathroom
the arrangement is somehow not so right.

How do u think?

Then I made the earring below with this *smooth drops* beads
it kinda pearly color
Very cute!!
Love this. ^^

So I put 2 beads in a ring

Clumping those *smooth drops* beads together
Adding a porcelain yellow rose do make it look more lady~
How bout some shining swarovski?

This 6 petal connector....
Haven't really glue with those porcelain.
Feel like make it as a pendant or earrings?
Or mayb one set??





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