Pearl rosy necklace

Friday, June 18, 2010
Finally I'm back with my DIY again...
I was actually done it last minutes as tomorrow, I'm gonna use them already!
**Classic two pink rose necklace**
First of all, I bought pink ribbons~
then sew into roses
you can refer to my previous post here
there goes for 2 roses~
*continue the next day*
i sew with this metal connectors
so that i can attach on my necklace..

Actually there roses are made for side way
this is very short necklace that fits nicely to your neck
which means if u grow fat, then u can keep this necklace in your store room
(then show to your grand children that once granny was tat slim LOL)
**Vintage pink rose necklace**

I bought this net-like ribbons for only RM3

cut it like 30cm long
Bundle it like the steps show above
here goes the big roses (above)
Again, I match with pearls.
Because the roses is net-like ribbon
It's easily wire trough the rose without needle.
here is the close looks of clasps.
I actually wired the pearls so that I hope they are secure

this is also a side way rose necklace
I'll demo them by wearing them tomorrow.
FYI, this rose is big enough to cover my neck's burned marks!!
I hope you like it :)





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